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Apocalyptic fits?

As you may have noticed by the rise of people wearing face masks and every headline shouting about lockdowns and social distancing, we are in the mist of a global crisis? Covid-19, which was first detected in Wuhan city in China, has taken over the media by storm. With many governments such as Spain, Italy and France calling for immediate lockdown of it’s residents and countries racing to “flatten the curve” of infection rates, many of us are wondering what lyrics to wash our hands to.

Rumours have it we will potentially be asked to work from home. Needless to say creativity will flourish as artist’s, designers and creators alike hunker down for what could be a rough few months. Many small and independent business are predicting financial implications in the coming months, as well many of the global major airline companies such as Virgin and Ryan Air. Due to travel restrictions, most airlines are in total lockdown as well as the airports themselves. This means no holidays and no research trips for us creatives, unfortunately we will be quarantined to the UK. With all this chaos, the financial markets have taken a hit with even retail giants JD Sports PLC taking a 30% loss due to the lockdown.

With all this self-isolation and social distancing talk it seems obvious were going to be working from home. Yes, the place we slob around in our oversized grey sweatpants ordering random shit off Uber eats. Not usually the place for creative professionalism at 9am Monday morning. But it’s amazing what a fresh, well-designed garment can do for your creative insight and focus.That’s why we have scoured the (Coronavirus free) world wide web for some garments you need to sharpen your game throughout the Covid-19 quarantine.

Versace Slippers

1.Baroque Print Slippers


Outstanding & Company

1.Fleece Boa Jacket Beige Khaki Green £150.00 GBP

OFF-WHITE Boxer Shorts

  1. Industrial Trim Boxer Shorts $180

Ancient Greek Sandals

1.Cork Slides



1.M51 Patch Overshirt Military Green


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