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Mid Week Reflection

As the world continues to reel from the effects of a new global pandemic, and we begin to understand its pervasive consequences for so many different aspects of life, the one thing we can all be certain of is that we face difficult times in the coming months. It's easy to be despondent in times like this, especially in the age of mass media communication, but it's also an opportunity to reinvent society on a number of key levels, which would be much more difficult to achieve in normal circumstances. The fall out from the global outbreak of Covid-19 will be wide ranging, but we decided Yarinaosu should use this as an opportunity to highlight the areas of our particular fashion world where we can make positive changes. 

Sustainability has been one of the fashion industry's watchwords now for a number of years, and is already one of the main areas of focus for Yarinaosu, especially in light of the virus outbreak and its inevitable impact on the manufacturing, logistics and supply chain and retail sectors. Themes such as material and garment sourcing, durability and environmental impact are becoming much more prominent in the fashion industry, as well as the minds of consumers themselves in this current climate. Our existing work in these areas places us ahead of the pack of larger fashion names who are also being forced to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape.

Whilst continuing our work in these key areas, we also decided to explore how we could change our processes for this new viral challenge. Our understanding of Covid-19 is growing daily - frontline scientists are reporting that the virus is transmitted through water borne droplets emitted by coughing but also everyday activities such as speaking. So although a full respiratory mask such as an N95 is the only guaranteed protection against such microbes, medical journals such as The Lancet are reporting that face coverings and non surgical grade masks can help to slow the transmission of the virus when combined with the effective sanitary measures we're all being reminded of daily.

Our next pieces will expand on the themes our earlier collections established whilst exploring these new design concepts as the world continues to grapple with the corona virus outbreak. Stay tuned for further updates on product development, industry impact and wash your hands! 

Author - Callum Whiteley

Published - 03/26/2020

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