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New Music - Quarantine Edition

Author: Gez Wilson

Published: 29 March

COVID-19 cancelled everything, for good reason of course we have to put everyone’s safety above everything else but still, we have no gigs, raves, festivals, we can't even go to the pub.  Even though things are bleak right now we still have music, here are five tunes that have dropped over the past couple of weeks that you should check out whilst you're stuck in. 

1. Chimpo - Get So Mad

Chimpo is a legend, nuff said. He just dropped 'Get So Mad' the first single from his debut album 'HIA' which is dropping May 1st via his own Box N Lock label and trust me, after this we are even more excited to see what the full album brings, plus it's a Chimpo video so you know it's going to be hilarious, the track is great, what more do you want?

2. The Alchemist x Conway The Machine - Shoot Sideways feat. Schoolboy Q

One of the best producers of all time with one of the best lyricists out there right now? This whole 'LULU' tape is going to be insane and increase the amount of Timberlands bought and crimes committed worldwide. This first single from it featuring Schoolboy Q is the perfect mix of East & West coast hip hop, Al the Chemist on the beat makes for a constant screwface/head nodder, Q got a catchy ass hook and Conway is motherfucking Conway The Machine. Go listen to this now and check out the Patta collaboration for the release.

3. Knxwledge - Dont Be Afraid

Taken from the new album '1988' out now via the legendary Stones Throw Records. Knxwledge is an incredible producer and if this short but sweet track isn't enough to make you want to go check out more, I don't know what's wrong with you. Perfect to throw on in the morning whilst the kettle boils, then immediately hit play again when it has boiled.

4. Benton - Let Me Know Title track from breaks wizard Benton's new EP, the whole of which by the way absolutely bangs. Out now via BBS this track and project is going to be mashing up dancefloors as soon as this end of the world shit is over, dark, aggressive beats, perfect for the times. Show Benton love and grab this EP from his Bandcamp page now.

5. Da$h - Walk The Plank If you don't know about Da$h you really should, go listen to the title track from this new tape and you'll realise why. This release is a long-anticipated collaboration with $crim from $uicideBoy$ on production and these two guys together is a perfect combination that after 10 tracks only leaves you wanting more.

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